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Subject: Dominated by David (part 5) Dominated by David (part 5) Well, well, I'm on my knees again, where russian teen nude
I belong, and William's soft
cock is beginning to harden in my mouth. He smiles at me, watching me
intently, as he knows I'm a cockslut, worshipping him. My eyes keep watching
his reactions too. The tiffany teen porn pics vibration in my ass happens again, and I moan. This
causes William's dick to enlarge, faster than I would have liked. "Look at
that slut, slurping on his cock. He's loving it." I heard Dave say. "You do
love it, don't you?" All I could do was moan, and shake my head yes. The
monster in my mouth was getting too big for me to keep in my throat, so
slowly but surely, I eased off of it, keeping the head completely surrounded. I was so involved in Williams beautiful piece of meat, that I never
even felt teen vixen porn
Sandy, sliding in, next to him. He said, "Suck on this one, for a
while, bitch". I looked up, to Dave, and he motioned me over to Sandy,
saying, "well, what are you waiting for? Get over there and suck!" I did
just that, happily. Again, I went into my own little world, feeling Sandy's
cock go all the way teen titans porn hentia into my waiting throat. He just held it there, for a
bit, and we both moaned our respective pleasure.
The vib was taken from my ass again, and I knew I would soon be filled.
Dave said, "Now get up on the couch, and sit down on his cock." I looked at
whose cock he wanted me to sit on, fearing he meant William. Thank goodness,
Sandy was the target. After applying some lube, I did as told. download free teen porn Sandy was
kind, at first, just letting me slide down, slowly, letting my ass get used
to his size. Another moan, or two, and he was all the way in. My balls
resting on his pubes. William stood up, and came over towards me and again,
I was able to suck on that gorgeous hunk of manflesh.
Sandy started to bounce a little, fucking my ass with short strokes,
but, all the way in me. It was wonderful. I looked in his eyes, as he
forced himself into my wanting ass, and he was in ecstacy, almost as much as
I was. Again, I am totally filled. One cock in my mouth, and one in my
asshole. Again, I'm being completely used by these men, for their pleasure.
Again, I feel like the slut, I am.
William backs off, a bit, and I go after his cock, with my open mouth.
Dave puts his cock in my mouth, instead, thrusting hard and fast. He grabs
my ears, teen asses with his hands, and starts a furious face-fuck, not caring whether I
can breathe or not. "Take it all cocksucker, take that cock. Eat it! Feel
good? You like being fucked by two guys at once? You want more? Suck it!"
he said. "I'm going to fill your mouth and throat with my cock and cum, and
you're going to love it. You're only good for pleasing men. You'll do what
ever I say, won't you? You'll eat as much cum, as I say, right? You'll take
as much cum up your pussyass as possible, huh?" All I could do was moan my
affirmative. He was right. chubby teen pussy I wanted it, needed it, craved it. Give me all
the cum you can, I thought.
William had been jerking his cock, and announced he was going to cum.
Dave pulled out, and teen titans porn hentia said, "Give him a facial. He needs to remember this.
Let the cum fly on his slut face." William moved in, grabbed my hair,
pulled my face towards him, and grunted, "Here you are, you little pussy,
here it comes". With that his first spasm shot a glob of his cum on my nose
and upper lip. The second one hit my lips, some going in my open mouth. The
third back up on my face, hitting me in the eye. Sandy was teen head jobs porn bouncing me, big
time, now, really penetrating me as deep as taboo teen sex possible.
William brought me back to reality, by saying, "Open your mouth, cunt,
and I'll feed you. That's right, more spunk for you to chew on." I, of
course obeyed, and felt 2 more shots hit me in the mouth area. He used his
cock to rub it all over my face, as I tried in vane to get it back in my
mouth. I felt Dave move back in, and stick his cock back in my mouth,
forcing thru my lips. And again, he started fucking my face. Sandy had been
thrusting in my ass now, and also announced he was ready to shoot. "Here it
comes. I'm going to fill you up, baby. You're going to be a teen vixen porn sore pussyass,
when I'm done with you." He tensed, and I felt a spasm that seemed to send
his juice to my throat, from the back side. "Feel it, bitch? Feel my cum
shooting into you? Take it all."
Just as Sandy had shot his final squirt, Dave announced his upcoming
orgasm by saying, "Gonna fill your mouth, now. Get ready for a big treat.
Open up your throat, cause it's gonna be drenched with my cum." Sandy' s
orgasm had just subsided when Dave shot his first volley, directly to my
stomach, competely bypassing my throat. Wow, what a feeling. I had sucked
him a bunch of times, but, never had I felt him shoot so hard. Again, his
next blast was very forcefull. The next two weren't near as strong, so, I
was able to pull back, just a bit, and taste it, b4 being forced to swallow.
I must say, I really liked the squatting thing, cause Sandy's cock was
still in me, even though it was softening. Dave had finally pulled out,
wiping his dripping cock on my cheek. He then said, it was time to get up,
so I did. He then said, "Clean up Sandy. You wouldn't want him to go home
with any trace free teen porn violate
would you? Get down there and lick him clean." I did get
down to his softening cock, and take it in my mouth, being careful not to put
too much pressure on his sensitive head. I must have stayed there too long,
cause Dave said, "Ok, enough, cocksucker, you look like you're enjoying that
too much." I sat up, smiling. God I love being a cocksucking, slutmouth,
pussyass, cumdrinker. Thank you!!!I hope you're enjoying this continuing story, and would appreciate any
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